ANCIENT LOOP is trendy, fashionable, sophisticated yet affordable, Chicago born jewelry brand. It has an easy mix and match style, which can be worn day and night. AL’s products are primarily designed and produced by women. 

Our mission is to support global equality and especially contribute to our gender by buying their products and helping them grow their businesses and becoming financially strong. So every time you purchase our products, you will be contributing to these amazing women all around the world.

 Ancient Loops brand name was inspired from human DNA, that actually is the one and only proof that we are all same and come from same roots from thousands of years back. We wanted to continue building our relationships via our beautiful products, closing this loop of sisterhood ever and ever again, every time they will reach you.  
We, Rengin Girav and Beste Buyukyilmaz, are the owners of Ancient Loop, who have met and built Ancient Loop in early 2018, with the desire of having our own brand and company after having worked in global brands such as Coca-Cola, Shell, Verizon and Ogilvy&Mather. 
We hope you will enjoy our beautiful jewels as much as we do.

Each piece that you pick, represents who you are, what you love...